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PLEASE NOTE :  Our Eagle office has closed and all patients will be seen at our Boise Location at 7733 W Emerald Street, Boise ID 83704

Dermatology Clinic of Idaho welcomes you to our HIPAA SECURE patient portal - a password protected web communication tool.

On this web portal you may securely:

   • Request appointments
   • Confirm appointment
   • Enter or modify personal information
   • Communication regarding medical questions, referrals
   • Receive copies of lab results and medical chart documents
   • Communicate with our office staff

You have two options for logging in:

Individual Accounts

Individual patients may login for themselves

Family Accounts

Adults and their family members who share one email address may access the portal through this login. This may also include two adult patients who share the same email address

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If you would like to use this portal, you can call our office and we can activate an account for you with your email address. Please call 208-939-4599


If you are currently a patient who has previously provided a correct email address, you can now use this portal for those portal functions listed above. For medical emergencies, please call us directly. DO NOT USE THE PORTAL FOR ANY URGENT MEDICAL PROBLEMS.

Boise Office 7733 W Emerald St, Boise ID 83704
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Permanently Closed, Eagle Office.

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